"Garlic is the catsup of intellectuals."

Certified Organic Garlic

We (Fred and Chris Thaxton) are the founders of Thaxton's Organic Garlic that you know and love. We acknowledge the need for locally sustainable crops, and since we're both science teachers, we have the knowledge to develop healthy soil and crops without damaging our environment.

We have been Certified Organic since 2011 but have been growing by orgainc metheds for over 35 years. In 2000, we began growing organic garlic for our family and friends. We worked for years to seed save and increase our garlic production. We have had great growing seasons and difficult growing seasons. All farmers understand we can not control mother nature.  

All of our garlic is grown organically, and we have proof of any and all ways of fertilization.  We are Organiclly Certified by the OEFFA (Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association), and National Orgainc Produce our certification number is #1829.  If you are really interested, give us a call, and Fred will excitedly explain his methods to you.

How to purchase Certfied orgainc garlic and produce;

Contact us by phone at 330-283-6137 (Fred) or 330-221-9706 (Sarah) our farm manager and farmer.You can send an email @TOGarlic.com. We dio check the emails but give us a heads up text becaused we sometimes get casught up in the fields.We will be vending at The Hudsons Farmers market a few times a month, the Cleveland Garlic festival on Saturday and selling out of the barn by appointment. Please visit our website www,thaxtonsorganicgarlic.com nad instagram @thaxtonsorganicgarlic, for weekly barn and farmers market information. Once the crop is harvested by the second week of July, ordering a head of time will ensure you get the varities and quantities desired.

Pricing varies per bulb, $2.00-$8.00 depending on size and weight. The average cost per pound is $32.00-$35.00 depending on variety. Garlic scapes are $0.25 per scape.

Certified Organic produce costs vary per variety.

Certified Organic Seed stock is avaliable.

The above photo was taken at our first Hudsons Farmers Market in 2009.