1. 2022 Varieties 


Certified Organic Garlic

Hard Necks   We are sold out of hard neck for 2022 

Stem hardens upon drying. More potent flavors. Stores for a shorter period than soft-neck varieties.

Spanish Roja: Like Mexican food? This is your pick. Nice kick with peppery finish. Heirloom garlic.    

Khabar: Raw, one of our hottest at first bite, but mellows when cooked.   

Bogatyr: Very rare variety, one of our hottest at the finish.   

Georgian Crystal: Rich, hot taste; great for roasting.    Sold out

Music: The cooks love this! Very consistent taste and our most common variety.  Sold out

Korean Red: Spicy throughout.    

Asian Tempest: Hot raw but sweet when cooked. Sold out

Soft Neck

No discernible stem. Not as potent, but stores well. More closely related to mass-grown varieties.

California White: Brought in from Napa Valley. We purchased this variety in wine country; smooth and mild.

French Heirloom: This one only gets better when cooked, nice heirloom variety. 

Lorz Italian: Medium Italian purple stripe garlic. Very versatile in all meals. easy to eat raw. Good roasting variety.

Inchelium Red: Attichoke variety, very smooth and keeps it's great taste throughout cooking. Great for grilling, roastinhg, and raw.